GSBC Bleacher Report will highlight a certain player from every team every week this season and zone in on their stats down to the last turnover. For week 1, we believe we have found the 6 players that will be on top of their game to help their team win.

  • Team Roepke: Dexter Tanqueco
    • Expect Tanqueco to live up to his name as one of the sickest crossovers in the GSBL. Tanqueco will produce with some points, assists and rebounds.


  • Team Slattery: Jared Kobernat
    • We do not know much about Jared’s ability to ball, but as we said earlier: the next Kristaps Porzingis


  • Team Mayfield: Tim Monteiro
    • Perhaps one of the top 3 most gifted freshman athletes, Monteiro should have an excellent start to the season.


  • Team Keeton: Josh Alexander
    • Alexander is known for his encouragement and fiery speeches to get his teams fired up, but we are expecting him to produce on the court as well.


  • Team Alejo: Jon Keeton
    • Despite the fact that Jon will probably hear, “Brad is better” chants from the crowd, expect Jon Keeton to put up a really nice game and surprise some of his doubters.


  • Team Post: Pete Scholl
    • Don’t get us wrong, we know Pete has lulls in his game. However, we think Pistol Pete is going to catch fire at different points in the game tonight and assist in his team’s attempt at a victory.