GSBC Bleacher Report has been busy for the better portion of the beginning of this week getting things finalized for the 2017 GSBL Playoffs! This would involve live-streaming, statisticians and camera people. However, we were not about to fail in releasing our picks for team MVPS!


  • Team Slattery
    • Team Captain Sam Slattery
      • This was an obvious pick for several reasons. Sam plays sharp and consistent on BOTH sides of the ball. His ability to navigate his team through this regular season was something to behold. Even in Week 12, Slattery was still making MVP-like plays! We recall a play in the later stages of the 2nd half when the double team of Team Alejo surrounded him and he dished it to a wide open Jeremiah Lendt who found another player cutting to the basket for an easy lay up to break the double team! The Professor finished with 60 points on the season which was good for 5th overall in total points!


  • Team Mayfield
    • Team Captain Mac Mayfield
      • We could have picked Freshman Phenom Stephen Roueche, but we felt like Mayfield had more of an impact on his team that Roueche did. Mac not only was able to score, but he was also able to grab rebounds at will! His most dominating aspect of his game is grabbing offensive rebounds! It was a treasure to watch a guy out hustle and out work the opposing defense game in and game out! He grabbed a GSBL Regular Season record 16 rebounds in the Week 12 regular season finale against Team Keeton and was just 2 points from another double double!


  • Team Keeton
    • Jordan Lendt
      • Had Jordan not played in ANY of the games this season for Team Keeton, they would have lost no matter what! As our league MVP, it was no doubt that Jordan was obviously going to be picked as the team MVP! Despite missing quite a few lay ups inside in the last several weeks, Lendt brought a certain “beast-like” mentality to the court. He had the ability to spot up and make a three, but clang and bang in the key to get a tough lay up! Jordan could have very easily scored over 100 points had he been able to finish some of the in-tight buckets that he missed. However, he still finished 3rd in overall point scoring with 82 points!


  • Team Roepke
    • Tyler Mackay
      • It was quite evident that whenever Tyler was on his game, Team Roepke was MORE likely to win! Even with missing a game due to sickness, Air Canada still scored 64 points on the season which was good for 4th in overall point scoring! His ability to get his teammates involved was what made Mackay such a threat for Team Roepke! He was ALWAYS looking for the next guy to dish the ball to! In Week 12, he was just 1 assist away from a double double with points and assists! A big reason why his team squeaked into the playoffs was due to his performance in Week 11 and Week 12!


  • Team Alejo
    • Jon Keeton
      • 3 games ago, we would have told you, “Team Captain Mark Alejo is undoubtedly the Team MVP for Team Alejo!” After the last 3 games, we KNOW the Team MVP for Team Alejo was Jon Keeton! Jon had the ability to knock a three pointer down semi-consistently which was gutting to most teams. In a fierce attempt to make the playoffs down the stretch, Keeton was extra good in the paint and beyond the arc! While we do not believe Keeton had at times the best attitude on the court representing his team, we DEFINITELY believe Team Alejo would have been 1-7 or 2-6 if Jon Keeton did not play on this team this season!


  • Team Post
    • Pete Scholl
      • When it comes to an 0-8 team, it is hard to put your finger on the “Team MVP.” Especially when the hottest player down the stretch only played in 5 total games! Pistol Pete Scholl finished in a tie for 14th overall in points scoring with 38 points! He went down awkwardly under the basket with an apparent injury in Week 12, but returned to finish the game! Looking to next season, we could definitely see Scholl captaining a team or having the SAME role on his team!